So what do you do when you find out you have guests coming for a visit and you realize you haven't gotten around to replanting the container by the front door, that's now full of dead plants from the summer? Gardening guru Ciscoe Morris has just the trick - create an instant pot!

This is how to make that container full of dead plants left over from last summer look great in a big hurry (before company shows up) when there isn't time to visit your local nursery.

Cut off a conifer branch for a center piece.

Add in some cut branches of red-twig dogwood to add a spiky colorful touch.

Cut off some Heuchera (coral bells) to add for color

Fill in with broad leaf evergreens such as Daphne or sarcococca.

Plants with berries such as holly, or beauty berry last a long time and look great .

If you can find any ornamental grasses or black mondo grass growing in your garden, add it to the mix.

Cut off ivy, or variegated periwinkle or other weeping plant to go over the side.

Your company will never suspect that the plants in your container are cut branches. Outdoors in a cool situation, most of these plants will stay attractive for at least 2 weeks.

For extra fun, whenever the folks visiting are away, change the centerpieces.

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