There is now $250,000 in emergency money for homeless people to ride Metro.

The King County Council voted on Monday to provide the emergency funds to give social service agencies additional discount Metro tickets for distribution to their clients.

This could end a homeless protest being staged in the council's backyard in downtown Seattle.

The protesters, in their third week of camping at the King County Administration Building Plaza, want to buy more discount tickets at 20 cents on the dollar.

The emergency funds, saved when Metro shut down the Ride Free Area, will be made available through the end of the year.

This is one-time money only spent this year. We set it aside for this purpose, to help those who are most vulnerable, said Council Member Larry Phillips.

Council member Larry Gossett is now urging the public to donate Metro tickets to the poor. When you get your car tabs in the mail, you also get a coupon for free bus tickets. Critics say the program is confusing and doesn t get the free bus tickets to the people who need them.

Gossett is now asking people to take the time to mail in their coupons and donate the free bus tickets to those who need them.

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