The political drama in the City of Pacific is driving out a longtime police department veteran.

Sgt. Jim Pickett, a 25-year member of the city's police force, will retire effective Oct. 31.

It's been tremendously fulfilling, Pickett said Friday as he was packing his office. I made some great arrests.

The big issue was the mayor and the political conditions he brought the city to, he said of Cy Sun, the mayor elected in a special election last year. Different camps have formed and people are declaring sides. It's not OK to be friends anymore.

Cy Sun is accused of opening the city up to liability and now faces a recall. Over the summer, he unsuccessfully tried to fire three of Pickett's fellow officers.

That was a hard time, Pickett said.

We're here to hold the line against evil and you put your heart and your soul into it because you believe in it so much, and then to be attack so severely from within the administration could be really devastating emotionally, he said.

City residents say they're losing another trusted and familiar face.

It's going to be harder for people to be comfortable, said Glenda White, who runs the town s post office. And I like to feel comfortable in my own town.

Now with the future of the town uncertain, Pickett, like so many others, is leaving while he can with his benefits intact.

I would love to see the city rebound and be happy and healthy, productive, said Pickett. That would really warm my heart.

A judge will decide as soon as Tuesday whether the recall election to oust Cy Sun can move forward.

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