CASHMERE, Wash. -- More than a week of smoke in the Wenatchee area is forcing school districts to take drastic measures. The Cashmere school district decided to cancel classes for the rest of the week. The schools haven t had classes since Friday.

Friday, everyone was in third period, says 14 year old Hugo Pina, who is in 9th grade. We were all studying. Students said their heads hurt. They couldn t breath.

Smoke was seeping in through the doors and the vents of the schools. And the staff couldn t keep it out.

The health district says it has to do with the fact that the schools are caught between two wildfires and they are also situated near the mountains.

The readings were double what we were getting in the Wenatchee area on the same day at the same time, says Mary Small, spokesperson for the Chelan Douglas Health District. Occasionally it was three times higher.

Wenatchee and Eastmont school districts will remain open for now.

Small says particulate tests revealed the air inside the school was often as bad as outside the school.

Since smaller buildings, like homes, are easier to control, the school district decided the students and staff would be safer if class was cancelled.
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