Each night, hundreds of children are sleeping on the streets or in cars, with more families asking for help every day.

On Wednesday, homeless mothers made an appeal for help.

At Mary's Place in downtown Seattle, a City Council Committee held its regularly scheduled meeting at the women's center to highlight the growing problem.

Mary's Place is a day-center only, with no shelter for night services. Last year Mary's Place thought they were getting $120,000 for a nighttime family shelter, but the money didn't come through.

Director, Marty Hartman, says her clients find shelter wherever they can.

Last night, in a port-a-potty with two children, one and three years old, because the mother could lock the door, she said.

Council Member Nick Licata said his committee will look for money in the budget to ensure that no family be unsheltered by the end of 2012.

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