This weekend the 84th Ave. NE Bridge over 520 came down. The DOT saves up big jobs like this and clears the roads, trying to fit in as much big work as possible during a weekend.

Here's a sampling of the major routes that have been closed over the last two weekends (July 6-8 and July 13-15):

-- I-5 Mercer Street on and off ramps (both weekends)

-- 520 floating bridge from Montlake to I-405

-- Spokane Street Viaduct between I-5 and West Seattle Bridge

-- Aurora Avenue at 85th Street (both weekends)

Throw all those together with sporadic lane closures, festivals and a Sounders or Mariners game and it probably adds up to some extra time you've spent in the car.

And with temperatures warming up, closures might become more common as crews take advantage of dry weather.

SR 520 will see a weekend closure every month for the forseeable future, but the only date certain right now is August 10-13. Again, late Friday night through early Monday Morning.

The Mercer ramps will be closed that same weekend in August and again on the weekend of August 24-27.

The northbound off-ramp from I-5 to the Spokane St Viaduct will close this Thursday and Friday nights from 10 pm to 5 am.

And the delays aren't just in the urban areas. I-90 east of Hyak will see rock blasting clousres from 8 to 9 pm, tonight through Thursday. And we'll see off and on closures on Highway 2 to blast away dangerous loose rocks west of the Stevens Pass Summit.

Most of these projects are considered on time. One is way ahead of schedule, a new flyover connecting Highway 18 to I-5 opened Monday, six months ahead of schedule.

Others are less predictable - like the rebuilding of 85th street across West Seattle, which should be wrapped up by December.

The DOT doesn't have any specific dates for Alaskan Way Viaduct closures, but it's looking like over the next few months we'll see more nighttime closures and partial weekend closures

What is certain is that our construction season is in full swing.

Time-lapse video

WSDOT and contractor crews closed the SR 520 floating bridge and highway over the weekend to tackle an array of jobs, including demolition of the old 84th Avenue Northeast overpass and the last remaining piece of the old 92nd Avenue Northeast overpass, both seen in this video segment:

How's your drive?

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We should also mention, there have been some improvements. On Monday, a fly-over ramp opened between SR-18 and southbound I-5 in Federal Way, which should ease heavy congestion there.

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KING 5's Linday Chamberlain and Glenn Farley contributed to this report.

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