PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Four survivors credit seatbelts for saving their lives after an alleged drunk driver, going the wrong wayon State Highway 162 in Puyallup,slammed into their car early Sunday morning.

Trisha Hensley-Kohl, who was driving the car that was hit, suffered numerous critical injuries, including a broken hip, femur, wrist and forearm. She will need pins and plates in her hip, knee and ankle, said Jeff Kohl, her husband.

I just thank God, he said. Thank God for seatbelts.

Hensley-Kohl's 5-year-old son Jagger was in the backseat. He suffered only minor injuries.

Her friend Marisa Maestas and daughter Darion Goff were also in the car. They also suffered only bumps and bruises, most of them caused by the seatbelts that kept them from flying through the windshield.

We've all got seatbelt marks and if we didn't have those seatbelt marks, we could be telling a completely different story, Maestas said.

The suspect, a 53-year-old man from Puyallup, was driving East on state Route 162 when he crossed the center line, according to the State Patrol.

There wasnowhere to go on either side of us, Maestas said.

Hensley-Kohl honked her horn and flashed her lights before trying topull into a driveway.

As soon as her front tire hit the gravel, he hit us deadon, Maestas said.

The State Patrol believe the driver who hit them was impaired. He will likely be charged with vehicular assault.

I felt anger, said Kohl,adding thathe and his wifeweresupposed to celebratetheir 6-year wedding anniversary on Sunday. Too many people getting hurt, killed because of stupidity.

Hensley-Kohl was already dealing with a variety of medicalproblems, includingfibromyalgia, a painful disorder.

It's going to be a long road to recovery, but I'm ready for it, Kohl said.

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