A Washington state prosecutor has dropped all charges against an Army lieutenant colonel who had been accused of threatening to kill his superior officer, his estranged wife and a woman he had dated.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said Friday his office dropped the harassment charges against Lt. Col. Robert E. Underwood because the woman he had dated, who reported the threats to authorities, might have made it all up.

The woman told police that Underwood threatened to kill her after she confronted him about a naked photograph of his daughter. She also reported that he claimed to have paid a hit man to $150,000 to kill his wife and his superior officer.

Underwood's lawyer says there was no such naked photo, and the woman had left threatening voice mail messages on his phone.

Lindquist said the charges were dismissed without prejudice, meaning if further evidence ever came to light that supported the original charge, they could be re-filed.

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