It's a disturbing reality, but statistics from the American Cancer Society say the lifetime probability for a man developing cancer is one in every two. For women, one in three.

But, there's also promising news!More than one million cancer deaths have been avoided in the last twenty years because of groundbreaking cancer research, like the work that's done at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. With new advancements and treatments being discovered every day, we get closer to one day finding a cure that will eliminate this deadly disease.

The Fred HutchCancer ResearchCenter houses the 'Women's Health Initiative Clinical Coordinating Center', which is the largest study of women's health ever conducted.

Both of these movements have made a huge impact in research, and today to speak about the progression is Dr. Garnet Anderson , principal investigator of the WHI Clinical Coordinating Center, and colleague Dr. Andrea LaCroix, a WHI co-investigator, to discuss the research milestones of this landmark study and how it has improved and continues to inform the health of women across the nation.

You can donate on Friday June 8th by calling 855-FHUTCH5, or on their website here.

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