TACOMA - Attorneys selected 12 jurors and two alternates who will hear opening statements Wednesday in the Steven Powell voyeurism trial.

Attorneys are still arguing over what evidence can be admitted, and that's providing some insight into what they know about Steven Powell.

For example, the fact that prosecutors say Powell had videos and pictures of women and girls taken in parks, malls and parking lots across the state - from Spokane to Bellingham to Puyallup.

But those images are not what got Steven Powell in trouble. He's facing voyeurism charges for photographing two girls in his neighborhood without their knowledge, while they were in the bathroom.

This trial obviously is unique because of who Steven Powell's son was - Josh Powell.

While some of the jurors say they knew nothing about the Powells, the majority of did not keep attorneys from finding jurors who they believe can be fair.

What you're going to be asked to decide here has literally nothing to do with the case involving Susan Powell... Josh Powell... the children or anything else, OK, said Travis Currie, Powell's Defense Attorney

While Susan Powell is not one of the victims, she will be part of this trial. The judge just allowed portions of Powell's diaries to be brought up in court. He apparently wrote thousands of pages in his journal about being obsessed with her.

But the judge ruled most of the entries had nothing to do with the voyeurism case.

We also learned that Powell he had dozens of video clips of Susan and of himself talking about her. It's not clear if those will be part of the trial.

Powell is facing 14 counts of felony voyeurism. A judge threw out the child pornography charge against him on Monday.

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