SEATTLE -- It doesn't matter which side of the Apple Cup rivalry you're on: if you are a college student, you should expect to pay more for college in the fall.

Washington State University's Board of Regents approved a 16 percent tuition hike on Friday.

The hike means students will pay about $11,000 per year starting fall 2012.

Tuition doesn't include student fees, which could push total costs to close to $12,000 a year.

It's not just WSU students, tuition increases are likely at all Washington State schools.

University of Washington said while their 16 percent raise hasn't been approved yet, it was built into the state's 2011/2013 budget by lawmakers.

Norm Arkans with UW said the state cut the university's budget by $200 million and recommended two 16 percent increases to help restore some of the lost revenue.

One 20 percent increase was implemented this past fall, and the Board of Regents will vote on the second increase on June 7.

Arkans anticipates that the Board will not go higher than the budgeted 16 percent this time, but he said the university still falls short of making up for the state funding cuts.

For an incoming UW freshman, in-state tuition would go from $10,574 to $12,385. For an out-of-state freshman the cost would go from $28,000 to $31,000.

It's not just WSU or UW - the state budget planned for double-digit increases across the board:

Central Washington University: 14 percent

Eastern Washington University: 11 percent

Evergreen State College: 14 percent

Students and the public can give input at forums and discussions that will held at the UW campus. No dates have been set yet.

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