For many students, the hunt for scholarship money doesn't end after being accepted to college and landing financial support for the first year at school.

The competition can be tougher for scholarships once a student is already at college. But there are plenty of resources ... students just need to know where to look.

Once place to start is in the department where a student is pursuing a major or minor. Students should also check other fields of study, or activities they are interested in, like bowling or fly fishing.

College financial aid offices are also a good resource.

Marybeth Lambert with College Spark Washington said students can set themselves apart with a strong essay in their scholarship applications. The essay should be well-written, but it should also communicate what makes a student unique ... and have a vision that falls in line with the organization offering the scholarshiop.

Students should also look for renewable scholarships that allow a student to continue applying after freshman year.

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