MILTON,Wash. -- Students from Suprise Lake Middle School inMilton were stuck in Dallas Tuesday night because of tornadoes that devastated the area.

Tuesday was a tense day for Lorinda Hjelmaa who has kept her phone and computer within arm's reach. Her 12-year-old daughter, Kylie, is among a group of Surprise Lake students on a cross country class trip.

Lorinda said Kylie called Tuesday afternoon to say she landed in Dallas and was preparing to get on a flight to Florida where the students would stay for the week.

How do you even fathom 20 minutes later, there's an emergency, a tornado, and your daughter and the kids are all stuck in Dallas, said Hjelmaa. I watched the news and realized, it was not a little baby thing, It's huge.

As Lorinda monitored the latest news from her latop, it only made her worry.

I guess my mind kind of went to, 'what if they were in the plane?' That just kind of really made me emotional 'cause if they were in the plane, it would have been a totally different story, said Lorinda.

The students landed safely, but the group was grounded at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport for most of the afternoon. By evening, the students were moved to a hotel. They plan to drive to Houston Wednesday to catch a flight to Florida so they can continue their class trip.

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