BREMERTON, Wash. -- The teacher who witnessed the shooting of third-grader Amina Bowman says she's worried about the little girl's health and concerned about the little boy's well being.

Outside Armin Jahr Elementary Thursday night, a sign thanks people for their prayers. But a lot of people are thanking Amina's teacher for her quick thinking, crediting her with helping save the 8-year-old's life

Amina's teacher, Natalie Poss, is distracting herself from what happened in her third-grade classroom Wednesday by playing the piano.

This is never supposed to happen, this is a teacher's worst nightmare, said Poss.

It all started yesterday with a loud bang.

I knew i didn't have any balloons in the room, loud sound, the kids were stirred and then I saw Amina start to slump over. So, I knew something had happened but it was very puzzling, said Poss.

Poss immediately told the students to leave the class and get help.

I said I think she's been shot. I lifted up her shirt and saw there was a large hole. And I couldn't figure out where the bullet had come from. I didn't have any intruders in the room, said Poss.

She held 8-year-old Amina, applying pressure on her wound until medical crews arrived.

Stay with me Amina stay with me, she told her.

With her principal, Poss frantically began searching for the weapon.

I lifted up the front and I was like this was a gun, said Poss.

In the backpack of one of Amina's classmates. Once that gun was located, Mrs. Poss, once again rushed to Amina's side.

Went in the ambulance with her. Instinctively I just thought I need to stay with her, said Poss.

Poss says Amina is strong and is pulling through, but tells us the reason she sat down with us Thursday night is for her other student that's involved in this tragedy.

He has a lot of good in his heart. I know he didn't intend this to happen. And I know he's hurting tonight, said Poss.

Forever the teacher, she wants kids to learn a lesson from this and she wants them to be able to once again feel safe in her classroom.

We'll get through this, said Poss.

Poss's classroom is still sealed off but she has no qualms about returning, in fact, she just wants Amina to get better and for things to go back to normal.

You can share your thoughts and prayers for Amina and her family here.
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