BREMERTON, Wash. -- Not only are Bremerton Police looking for links between three recent violent crimes, but so are the FBI.

The three attacks happened over the last nine months, all in west Bremerton and within one mile of each other. A 19-year-old woman was stabbed to death in May, a male victim was attacked and survived in June, and a 61-year-old-woman was killed just two weeks ago.

It s easy to understand why people around town are a little on edge; they could have a serial killer in town.

There is no apparent connection between the victims. Investigators say the very randomness of the crimes is one thing that could indicate that a single attacker is involved. Lt. Pete Williams with Bremerton PD also tells me there is other evidence that could suggest a connection but those details are not being disclosed while the investigation is under way.

Candy Flores says it makes her want to stay home. Ben Solem says he tries to go out as part of a group and pays attention to his surroundings. Jacob Childress says it's weird to think of something like this happening in his town.

Local police have asked the FBI for help and a team from headquarters in Quantico, Virginia have already visited Bremerton and will continue to provide information and analysis. It's the Behavioral Analysis Unit, which will help get inside the mind of the man police are seeking.

A fairly detailed sketch of the man police want to catch are posted at street corners all over town. Beyond getting help from the feds, police say they are also relying on information from the public to break the case. The tipline is (360) 473-5481.

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