SEATTLE -- Utah police enlisted the help of Susan Powell's family last summer to put pressure on Josh Powell in a so-called hell week, hoping he would give up evidence in the case of his missing wife.

Last August, there was a sudden flurry of developments in the disappearance of Susan, who went missing in 2009. Seattle attorney Anne Bremner, who represented Susan's family, said that was by design.

Pressure week, I think that's the best way to put it, Bremner said. That would be a number of events coordinated to occur within a week that might in some way create a result...he might say something he shouldn't have in terms of the investigation.

While police combed the remote Nevada desert for Susan's body, search warrants were served at Steven Powell's home, Josh's father. Steven, Josh and Josh's sons, Charlie and Braden, were living there at the time.

The Cox family did its part, rallying in the streets to increase media coverage and filing a temporary restraining order to block Josh from releasing Susan's diaries.

It had to have spooked him in terms of feeling like things were closing in on him, said Bremner, but he didn't crack.

The Cox family said they expected police to arrest Josh on murder charges and that they were even given a possible deadline of November 15.

Susan's older sister, Denise Cox, told KING 5 News she believes Josh didn't truly feel the law enforcement noose tighten until last week when a judge ordered him to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation and a polygraph test.

He realized, 'They've got me and it's never going to be the same. I'm never getting my kids back,' said Denise.

Denise said she believes Josh didn't love his sons as much as he feared them because they knew the truth.

The boys are extremely bright children and I believe they were about ready to tell on their daddy where there mommy was and he knew it.

Denise said the case isn't over until Susan's body is found and she is laid to rest with her sons.

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