SEATTLE -- Tolling begins Dec. 29 on the SR 520 floating bridge and everyone who crosses between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. will have to pay.

Sorry, Seahawks, Sounders, Mariners and Storm fans that means you, too.

The question about crossing over the bridge to get to games was just one of many brought up during a live chat Wednesday with KING 5 Traffic reporter Tracy Taylor and Patty Rubstello from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

One person asked if tolling would happen during sporting events and if fans headed to the game would get a break.

Tolling is EVERYDAY even on Seahawk game days, Tracy responded.

That person also asked if bikes have to pay to cross 520, too. We weren t sure at the time if he meant bicycles or motorcycles.

Motorcycles will have to pay the toll across the bridge. Bikes as in bikes are not allowed on the bridge, said Tracy. Toll rates

With the constant delays to the start of tolling, SilverEagle wanted to know Are we sure that this is going to go live this time? And, when I purchased my (Good to Go) window device, it was touted that there would be a $10 credit for those that bought the device. Is that still correct and how is that applied?

Yes, tolling will start December 29th, 2011, said Patty. If you signed up early this year and received the incentive of $10 in free tolls, it s still good. The $10 will be good through March, 2012.

What if someone steals your Good to Go transponder? Well, it depends on which one you have.

If someone steals the sticker pass from your vehicle, it is damaged and will not work. If you have a moveable pass, contact the Good To Go Customer Service Center to deactivate the pass. In cases you are charged tolls after the pass is stolen, you can dispute the tolls by providing your police report, said Patty.

Curly wanted to know if he could use the tolls as a tax write off if you take the 520 to work every day.

Curly, that would be something you would want to check with IRS on - we are not qualified to give tax advice, said Tracy.

Of course, there are those who are refusing to take the 520 when the tolling begins, and they let their frustration be known.

As far as I'm concerned 520 is forever a closed route. The rich will enjoy their quick commute across the water and gridlock once they make it across! Bahumbug! wrote Glen Hubbard.

Then there was a surprise appearance on the chat by the Bridge of the Hour the 520 Bridge itself (OK, it s someone on Twitter calling himself @520_bridge, speaking for the span in the first person).

I know that new me will have capacity for light-rail, but also there is no light rail in plans for this rebuild, said @520_bridge. Will there need to be another vote for light rail on me, or is it going to be paid through existing funds from future tolling?

The answer, from Patty, is that light rail is provided by Sound Transit. Their current program does not include funding for light rail across SR 520. A new funding package would be needed.

You can read the entire chat by clicking here, and you can get the latest information in our special 520 Bridge section.

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