PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Friday was one of the busiest shopping days of the year at stores around Western Washington. For workers it means ringing up customers as quick as they can. But a heartbroken cashier at the Puyallup Sears hopes one shopper will realize they went home with more than just a great deal.

Julianna Adams started work at the Puyallup Sears before dawn. After about four hours on the job, the lines seemed to be getting longer and longer and Adams sensed something wasn't right.

I felt something fall off my hand but I didn't really think about it because I had a huge line of people, Adams explained.

As she moved on to the next customer, she realized ringing customers up had left her ringless.

My ring was gone and the lady was gone, she said.

Adams fought back tears, but stayed behind her register.

My ring is small, it's nothing special, but it's a ring I want to show my kids, said Adams.

She believes the ring fell into the bag of a blonde woman who paid cash for a $10 vest. She hopes everyone who came through her line at Sears will check their bags.

It just breaks my heart and what scares me is people don't look in their bags they just throw away the bag, she said.

The store manager at the Puyallup Sears says if anyone finds the missing, they should call the store and they will make sure Julianna gets her precious keepsake back.


Upon hearing news of Adams' lost ring, several people have generously offered to help.

Andy Cline, owner of Cline Jewelry in Edmonds, has offered to replace her lost ring for free.

A retired man in Bremerton called KING 5 to offer his grandmother's engagement and wedding ring to her.

And the manager of the Puyallup Sears said an elderly woman called the store. The woman had been married for 60 years and her husband passed the way, but she wanted to give Adams her wedding ring to continue the love.

Adams said she's amazed at how many people have offered to help. She's hoping her ring will turn up in the next few days. But if it doesn't, she said will to take the jeweler up on his offer.

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