ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- For Susan Waters and her daughter Isabella Brown, an afternoon of fear and frustration gave way to an evening of relief and gratitude.

And, perhaps,a dose of perspective.

I'm not quite as upset about her room being dirty asI was this morning, said Waters, smiling.

Mother and daughter found themselves separated Saturday when awandering gunman happenedto start shooting near Issaquah High School.

Isabella, 11, was on campus cheer leading at a youth football game. She ended up hiding under the bleachers with players, cheerleaders, coaches, and others.

She's a little more independent, andI felt fine dropping her off at the game to come back later, saidWaters, And then you get a phone call like that and yourheart stops and you think 'Oh my God.'

That phone call was Isabella calling from someone Else's phone.

I was scared for some reason that someone was going tohear me talking on the phone,' Isabella said, andI was like, 'Mom, there are gunshots and there's awhole lot of police around here and I'm really scared!'

Waters said she was at a nearby drugstore when she got the call. She tried hurrying back, she said,but in the ensuing chaos, she got stuck in traffic, then stuck behind the police perimeter.

For the next several hours,I was just standing there waiting to hear anynews, she said.

Like many other parents who rushed to the school to pick up their children, the only way she was able to get a hold of her daughter was via text message.

One of Susan's messages of reassurance reads: I can't get to you because they blocked down thearea, but everything will be okay.

It would be about four hours, the said, before Waters could confirm that with her own eyes.

By that time, things had calmed down. Police had killed the shooter and dispelled conflicting eyewitness accounts that there might be another shooter walking around.

Other than the shooter, no one else was hit by gunfire, said King County Sheriff's investigators.

I'm really glad especially since there were so many policemen aroundit seemed really serious, said Isabella.

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