OLYMPIA, Wash. -- An Olympia church may sue the state after church members were not allowed to perform a baptism on the capitol campus.

A spokesperson for the American Center for Law and Justice said lawyers representing the church have not decided on what legal steps might be taken on behalf of the Reality Church of Olympia.

The churchfiled a permit with the state to hold a barbecue and baptism in Heritage Park, which is part of the capitol campus.

They were free to have the barbecue on Sunday, but not the baptism, said state spokesperson Steve Valandra.

Valandra said the state constitution prohibits religious worship or exercises on state property.

A lawyer for the American Center for Law and Justice filed an appeal, claiming the U.S. constitution prohibits the government from suppressing or excluding the speech of private parties.

Afterthat appeal was denied, the church held the baptism at theYMCA pool in downtown Olympia Sunday.

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