ROY, Wash. -- Pierce County investigators are searching for a burglary suspect after a woman walked into her home Saturday and found a man going through her belongings.

Nicole Rosen, of Roy, and her children had just left for a road trip to visit relatives in Oklahoma when she realized she forgot something. When she returned home, she spotted a strange, two-toned truck parked alongher fence. Shealsosaw there was something wrong with the gate leading into her backyard.

Rosen went around back and noticed the sliding door was open, she said. When she stepped into the house, she spotted a stranger standing over her desk, rifling through her things.

I said, 'Hey, what are you doing?' Rosen said.

Without saying a word, the burglar darted toward the front door, which frightened Rosen because her children were still sitting in the car parked near that door.

So I grabbed his shirt to try and slow him down. she said. So he did turn and attack me, and actually tried to push me through the front window, which did not make me very happy.

Rosen said she fought back and the burglar ran out the back door, got into his truck and squealed away.

Moments later, she noticed some of her jewelry was missing from her bedroom, including some sentimental pieces from her mother, who recently passed away, and from her 10-year0old son.

He paid $7.50 for it, she said. I can guarantee this is not worth anything to anybody but me.

The burglar alsotook the kids' piggy banks, she said.

A neighbor was able to get a good look at the burglar's Chevy truck before driving away. He told investigators it was probably from the 1970s or 80s, Rosen said. It was brown colored on the top and bottom, with a ran stripe down the middle.

The suspect was about 5-feet 10-inches tall, she said, with short, dark hair, glasses and a baseball cap.

It appears Investigators have some good leads in the case, Rosen said Sunday afternoon.

Rosen is now nursing bruises from her encounter with the burglar. Looking back, she realizes she should have called 911 before entering the home and confronting the suspect.

More than anything, she hopes to get the jewelry back and is willing to pay a $250 reward to anyone who returns it.

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