SEATTLE-- Some think it's cool, it's definitely quirky, and maybe even a little crazy. And it's catching on. A Seattle-spawned lack of movement has inspired a movement, in various forms, all over the world.

Facedowns, as they're called, start with an invitation, a little instruction and a lot of nerve.

Put your nose on the ground, and put your hands by your side, you'll likely hear your instructor call out.

For the lowdown on the facedown you've got to get down and ask the hard question: Why? Photographer and facedown pro, Jennifer MacNiven, thinks she knows the answer.

It's just the randomness of it and it's just something fun and silly to do and people get a kick out of it, she said.

Photographer Barbie Hull also runs a blog featuring hundreds of facedown photos -- a fad she says started in Seattle seven years ago.

I thought it would just be us doing it for our own entertainment and before we knew it we had people submitting from all over the world, says Hull.

Facedowns are similar to their more dangerous counterpart, planking. Planking is the act of suspending oneself between two objects.

Facedowns simply require lying face-down in a public place. In fact, those who facedown tend to frown upon planking, which is more common in Australia and has even proven deadly.An Australian man died after he attempted planking on a railing seven stories high.

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