Republican Congressman and former King County Sheriff Dave Reichert tells KING 5 News he may consider running for Governor.

Republicans expect Attorney General Rob McKenna will jump into the race, but Reichert says he's keeping all his options open too.

After seven years inCongress, Reichert has a coveted seat on the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee.

The hardest part for me was in my first couple years, was getting used to sitting on the airplane, said Rep. Reichert in a recent interview with KING 5's Robert Mak.

Reichert said he's considering both a run at the Senate, taking on Washington Democrat Maria Cantwell, but also the Governor's position back here in Washington state.

It's pretty much the same answer, the senate race is out there, the Governor's race is out there, my race, is already in process, said Rep. Reichert.

Reichert says just because some Republicans have thrown support behind McKenna, that's not a reason to rule out his options.

I've had calls, I've said, 'Look, I know Rob's the guy, and I think Rob would be an outstanding candidate,' he said. But he is so bright and so well-liked, I think he has a great chance of winning.But, no one knows.

Also keeping his options open on the Democratic side is Congressman Jay Inslee, now serving his eighth term in Congress.

If there is a vacancy in the Governor's office, I am giving that serious consideration, said Rep. Inslee. I have some ideas that we need to take from private enterprise, from the Boeing's of the world, from the Starbucks of the world, from the Virginia Mason Hospitals of the world, and bring new efficiencies.

Other candidates will surely come forward in the coming months, and a lot hinges on whether Governor Gregoire runs for a third term in office. A decision is expected some time this summer.

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