EVERETT, Wash. -- The Defense Department announced Friday that military men and women will see their pay frozen if the government shuts down.

(Editor's Note:Congress reached a budget deal about three hours after this story was filed, averting a government shutdown.)

This isn't sitting well with many military families. At the Navy Commissary in Marysville, some families spent Wednesday afternoon stocking up on groceries because it is uncertain when they may see their next paycheck.

Maybe if we had a three month period of knowing this was going to happen, we could have prepared, said Theresa Taylor. Her husband is active duty Navy stationed in Everett.

Military personnel began receiving electronic pay stubs indicating their next paycheck would be cut in half. Late Wednesday, the Department of Defense shut down the My Pay web server saying it would only reduce payments if the government shut down lasted an extended period of time.

The Defense Department said if the shut down begins and lasts through April 15, active military personnel receive half of a paycheck. If it lasts through the 30th, they wouldn't receive a paycheck at all.

All personnel will receive back pay for all time lost.

Retired military personnel is not affected.

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