MTVERNON, Wash. -- Justoutside the citylimits of Mount Vernon, a large tree sits on top of a house. The limbs drapeover a pick up truck thatwas parkednearby. It's just one example of the damage done by heavy snowfallin Skagit County. Residents report receiving anywhere for a foot to a foot and a half of snow.

Early Thursday morning people were trying todig out of the mess, but it was not easy.

There's slush underneath, so it's just spinning, says John Reints of Mount Vernon, pointing toward his car sitting in the middle of the street.

Reints does not have four wheel drive, and his vehiclewas no match for the snow covered side streets. The fact that Reints does not own a shovel did not help matters any. He tried to use a broom and bucket to free his trapped car.

It's not working out too good, says Reints. I am going to wait for my neighbor to help me.

Fortunately, Reints is not in a hurry. He is notgoing towork today because of the snow. Classes were also canceled for many students.

Kit Moffitt also does not have to drive to his job today, but he is still working away, shoveling a long stretch of sidewalk for his neighbors. He says it is his way of helping out.

People thank me, mostly pedestrians, says Moffitt.

When asked why he was braving the below freezing temperatures when he could be relaxing on his couch he simply said, It's just the way I was raised.

After this Februarystorm, the kind gesture is definitely a bright spot in Mount Vernon

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