REDMOND, Wash. -- School districts rarely hope for heavy snow but after they canceled classes based on the forecast Wednesday, they were hoping for at least a couple inches of justification.

It didn't come during normal school hours in the Lake Washington District, leaving parents and students second-guessing the early morning decision to call off classes.

We based our decision on a forecast that called for up to six inches of snow, explained Lake Washington District Spokesperson, Kathryn Reith. It's not always an accurate forecast.

I was a little bit surprised, because when I woke up and there wasn't much snow on the ground, and I thought it was interesting that they canceled, said parent Karen Tipp.

Tipp had to jumble her morning schedule and ended up using the unexpected day-off to treat her children to bowling with friends.

District officials apologized for the inconvenience but said their only concern is the safety of the students. With snow still in the forecast, they declined to speculate on what they have planned for Thursday.

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