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Lose Weight:

Slimware plates: Automatic portion control without thought. These plates have a design on the plate that you fill in with food and it creates the perfect portions.

Set of 4 $36.50.

Perfect Portions Digital Scale: No more need for a food scale and a calorie tracker. A scale that weighs your food and trackscarbs, calories, sugar, sodium and fiber. Nutritional food scale has a database of 2,000 foods

Add 99 custom foods to the digital food scale. Sharper Image: $49.99

Fast food - McDonald s has come out with a new Fruit & Maple Oatmeal it takes care of two of the three recommended daily whole grains in one shot, and contains 130% of your daily value of vitamin C. I can get it through the drive through and at any time of day know that I have a good choice that I can make. Also offer Apple Dippers using local apples.

Save Time:

Multiple phone wireless charging pad - It can be the smallest task that can take up a lot of time. How many times have you run late because you were looking for your phone charger. Just drop it on the pad and it will charge multiple devices wirelessly. - $59.99 - $190.00

One Bus Away Application -access to real time transit info through your smart phone, text message, web and phone- local- started by UW students. Tired of waiting for a bus that's running late? OneBusAway provides easy access to real-time arrival information for a number of transit agencies in the Puget Sound region.

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Save Money:

Wax Eyebrow Pencil & Eye Brow Pen- Keeps things in check until you can make it to your next eyebrow wax and tint. Long lasting. Nordstrom - Anastasia. Wax pencil: $21 and Eyebrow Pen: $21

Stretch your hair color and blowout: Bumble & Bumble Colored Hair Powder - This hair powder is an aerosol spray that instantly adds volume, absorbs oil, and extends the life of a blow dry. It comes in colors and also can cover gray and allow more time between hair color. Available where ever they carry Bumble & Bumble - Rudy's Salon - $35

Make Over Your Mani & Pedi:Mani : This dual-action hand treatment set combines gel-lined Gloves and High Intensity Hand Cream to transform your hands from parched to petal-soft in minutes. 50 treatments for $54. Pedi =This set of gel-lined softening socks and exfoliating Foot Patrol cream work together to soothe tough and tired feet. Foot Patrol contains an effective combination of alpha hydroxyl acids, aloe leaf, and peppermint, which help to exfoliate and soften the skin. Softening Socks: 50 treatments thick.
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