Like salmon, airplanes and apples, our ferry system is a state symbol and something that sets us apart. It's the largest system of its kind in the country, third largest in the world, carrying 23 million passengers and ten million vehicles a year.

However, after a series of extraordinary reports by KING 5 Investigator Susannah Frame, it's also clear the Washington State Ferry System has some serious problems.

Previously on Up Front, Frame documented generous travel benefits that allow some ferry workers to be paid for their mileage and time when commuting to work sometime at a considerable distance.

All this as ferry riders face steep price increases and reduced service.

But that's not all, some ferry workers are more than doubling their salaries by earning overtime. And who in state government is accountable? That's still an open question, but as Frame reports, sometimes it seems like no one is.

Still, ferry system managers say they are trying to make changes but it will take time.

What do you think of the labor practices and accountability in the ferry system?

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