SHORELINE, Wash. - It began in November when Shorecrest High School produced a music video to Outkast's Hey Ya!

The students banded together, performing for four minutes as the camera operator walked the halls of the school while students lip synced to the song. The video was shot with one take, meaning that there were no video cuts. It was all-or-nothing and it became a YouTube hit.

Their longtime competitors in football and band, Shorewood High School, weren't going to be one-upped. Shorewood has just released their competing video to Hall and Oates' You Make My Dreams Come True. It was also shot in one take, but with a twist They shot it in reverse. The students had to learn how to lip sync the song backward.

At the end of the video is a message: Try and beat that Shorecrest!

Game on. Shorecrest says it's already planning its response, but the students aren't ready to give away what that is.

What makes this rivalry more special is the video teachers for each school. Shorecrest's Trent Mitchell and Shorewood's Marty Ballew are childhood friends.

Decide for yourself which you think is better. Click on the links below to watch each video, then vote in our poll to the right of this page.

Shorecrest - Hey Ya!

Shorewood - You Make My Dreams Come True

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