Officials andmembers of the communitygive their reactionafter a Seattle police officer shot and killedMaurice Clemmons, believed to have gunned down 4 Lakewood police officers over the weekend:

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels
This morning, I received another early morning telephone call from Interim Police Chief John Diaz. Fortunately, the chief began this one by saying, 'our officers are OK.' And then he told me about the early morning shooting of the suspect in the Lakewood slayings by one of our officers. I want to express my thanks to all of our officers for doing a dangerous and difficult job, and for guarding the peace every day. God keep you all safe.

Statement from Lakewood Mayor Douglas Richardson
Reports this morning that a Seattle police officer had valiantly confronted and shot the man who murdered four of our police officers was very welcome news in Lakewood. We are especially grateful for the tenacity and dedication of so many law enforcement agencies in tracking down and eliminating the threat this killer posed to the community. To echo the words of Police Chief Bret Farrar, this only closes one chapter of what will be a long and difficult road for families, police, and citizens in Lakewood and the region. We must now focus on memorializing our fallen officers, continuing to take care of their families, and healing all those who knew and loved our officers.

Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy
At an investigators' briefing this morning, I expressed my gratitude to the hundreds of law enforcement personnel, emergency management professionals and others who have worked day and night to find the killer. This was an extraordinary situation, and I am extremely proud of the relentless effort by local, state and federal authorities to find Maurice Clemmons. I am thankful that the Seattle Police Department officer who struggled to apprehend Clemmons did not become a fifth victim.

Keep in mind this is not over. The people who assisted Clemmons must be brought to justice. Our Sheriff's Department and other investigators are working closely with Prosecuting Attorney Mark Lindquist to make sure the accomplices feel the full force of the law.

The public can rest assured that a cold-blooded killer is no longer a threat. Hopefully, that enables the entire community to begin the process of grieving and healing. I am proud of the way our fellow citizens are reaching out to support the families of the fallen Lakewood officers, as well as their colleagues in the Lakewood Police Department.

Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire
I am thankful the suspect in this horrible crime is no longer a threat to our community. I hope this provides some closure for the families and colleagues of our fallen officers. I appreciate the tireless effort of law enforcement from across the state in the search for the suspect. Tragedies like this highlight the tremendous unity of our law enforcement community. We should now focus our attention on providing comfort and support to those who have lost a loved one.

Congressman Dave Reichert
I commend the law enforcement agencies and every officer involved in the hunt and capture of the suspected killer in the case of the Lakewood officer shootings. By the brave work of those involved, this suspect was stopped without another officer or citizen harmed. Through it all, we must remember these brave officers, and the families and friends they leave behind. We must join together as a community to provide the encouragement and support they need to sustain them through the moments, days, and months to come.

In the aftermath, Reichert continued, we must also ask the difficult but necessary questions: How did this happen? Why was this person not in prison, and what can we do in the future to prevent this sort of heinous crime? We owe it to the brave officers who lost their lives, we owe it to their families and friends, and we owe it to all society to find the answers to these questions and address whatever lessons we learn from them.

Tiffiny Gipe, sister of slain Officer Tina Griswold
When I received a phone call this morning at 5:44am from Chief Kirkpatrick, I felt relieved. I was relieved to hear that the officer that shot Maurice Clemmons was ok. I was relieved that no other police officers or citizens had been hurt. I was full of gratitude towards that Seattle Police Officer for doing his job and keeping us safe. We didn't realize it before, but we needed Clemmons to be caught for us to move on. Now my family can begin to mourn the death of my sister.

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