Video: Renton man victim of mattress mix-up

RENTON, Wash. - When Khoi Dinh went to a furniture store to pick up a mattress he just bought, the manager said someone else had already hauled it away.

Left with his old sagging bed and a sore back, he decided to get Jesse.

Dinh, a Renton resident, needed the new mattress.

"I can actually feel the frame already, when you sleep here eight hours you definitely feel it," he said.

But he didn't want to pay for it twice.

Dinh went to Surplus Freight Furniture in Tukwila and spent $437 on a brand new queen size mattress. A few days later he went to pick it up.

"I go in there and give them my invoice," he said. "I go to the side where the warehouse is. Two minutes later they say it's already been shipped out."

The manager said Dinh had already taken it away.

Faced with more hard times, Dinh kept his cool and didn't get mad.

"At first no, not at all, but after a few days I tried to resolve the problem they just gave me the runaround," he said.

Here's what happened: The store gave Dinh a copy of the log where employees are supposed to write down the license plates of vehicles that pick up items. However, the plate number listed for Dinh didn't match his plates and the state said the number didn't exist anywhere in Washington. On top of that, the signatures didn't match.

Still, Dinh did not get his bed.

"That's why I get so upset," he said.

The company even told Dinh about a videotape of the loading dock. He asked to view it, but they would not let him.

When Dinh contacted us, we spoke to Surplus Freight Furniture.

The next day the company called Dinh to tell him he'll get that new mattress.

Jesse: "But you got your mattress."

Dinh: "Still not satisfied. Customer satisfaction is still not there yet."

The company also apologized and will deliver the mattress to his home free of charge.

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