Video: Good Samaritans save girl from drowning

BELLINGHAM, Wash. - The image still haunts them.

Kate Heyward and Charity Jacobsen were at Lake Samish in Whatcom County with their kids when they spotted what looked like grass floating in the water.

It was just her hair floating on the surface, legs floating in back, said Heyward.

As soon as Kate says it's a child and help, I jumped off the ledge, said Jacobsen. She was completely white, blue lips. I definitely didn't think she was alive.

The girl was 8-year-old Brianna Robinson of Sumas.

Just minutes earlier her mother noticed she disappeared and was frantically asked others to help find her.

Brianna's mother says the girl ran off to play with friends. She had been missing for 5 minutes when Heyward and Jacobsen found her in the water.

Jacobsen is training to be a nurse and started CPR.

As I was doing compressions, water was coming out, she described. Her eyes were rolling back and she was crying, but that was a really great sound.

Brianna spent the night in the hospital Thursday, and now she's home with her family. Besides a slight ear infection she is just fine.

Her family called her rescuers today and put Brianna on the phone.

She said 'Thank you' and 'Yeah, that was scary.' I asked her if she remembered anything and she said she just remembers waking up at the hospital, said Jacobsen.

It reinforces my belief in God and everything happens for a reason, said Heyward.

Brianna and her family will get a chance to say thanks in person when they meet up with Heyward and Jacobsen next week.

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