ARLINGTON - There is no timetable on when State Route 530 will be rebuilt following the Oso landslide. Drive times have doubled for some families, but one family is trying to make the best of the situation.

Xiao Lin lives in Darrington but runs a small family restaurant in Arlington. The family's commute time went from 35 miles to 82 miles.

During these long drives, 7-year-old Talon and his 6-year-old sister Anya came up with an idea. They previously donated the contents of their piggy banks to firefighters, and their piggy banks needed a refill.

On the counter of their family restaurant, the two kids put a sign up near their piggy banks money for the heroes.

Talon and Anya spent a week collecting coins andhave raised about $1,000 for people impacted by the landslide.

Their delivery for the relief effort was made Saturday with a very special message, thank you.
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