DARRINGTON, Wash. -- In Darrington, several people are searching for closure after Saturday's devastating landslide left at least 14 dead and dozens more missing. And there is a brave group of men and women who are working to deliver it.

Darrington is a town of just 1,400 people. What happened in this tight-knit community is more than just a number.

Volunteer firefighters like Jeff McClelland have been working around the clock with a crew of others trudging through mud, debris and wreckage to fulfill a grim task.

Some of these are our friends, family of some people that serve with us, said McClelland. Close firefighter friend lost his wife and his granddaughter. That's tough.

The job of finding people under the debris carries with it a share of risk. The men and women have been working throughout the day and into the night, even with the possibility of the hillside - which still has trees half way down it - could move again.

McClelland says he and others will keep working to free those who were trapped - by land, by water and by air - to allow their friends and neighbors to have a final resting place.

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