As the investigation into the crash of the KOMO TV helicopter proceeds, the community continues to offer its sympathy. People have brought flowers to Fisher Plaza.

The flowers sit between photos of the two men who died in the crash: photojournalist Bill Strothman and chopper pilot Gary Pfitzner.

Alvin Graham stands strong, like the base of the building next door. He says he's held flags at military funerals.

Thinking about how it was affecting everyone, including yourself, I couldn't sit at home, he said.

And that is why he stood there all day

I m here to honor the families of the fallen. I'm also here to honor the ones in the hospital recovering, he said.

That man, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, has burns to 20 percent of his body. Richard Newman, 38, suffered serious burns when the helicopter crashed on his car. He was in serious condition Wednesday

The helicopter crash took the lives of two KOMO employees who in death have spawned a new appreciation from colleagues, viewers, and from people like Alvin.

The next day isn't promised, he said.

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