Some Seattle ferry riders have a story to tell after witnessing one of the oddest car chases Tuesday night.

It didn't span miles or even city blocks - it all happened at the Coleman Ferry Dock. The suspect's route? He tried to elude police by driving in a circle over and over again for almost an hour.

It all started on the ferry. Passengers say a man was yelling obscenities on the route from Bainbridge Island to Seattle. A ferry worker asked him to be quiet around the children but he wouldn't.

Port of Seattle police just wanted to talk to Matthew Allen. He had a faulty light on his trailer and made an unsafe lane change on his way off the ferry.

But Allen wasn't prepared to go quickly or quietly. Ferry riders captured videos while a low speed chase scene played out - for 45 minutes.

All loren sheehan wanted to do was get home to Bainbridge Island.

Everyone got on their car... to see what was going on and we just saw the car driving around and around and around, said Sheehan.

Troopers tried to box him in and hope he'd just run out of gas. But he kept going.

Then Allen decided to make a run for it and he eventually found the exit but he didn't get far before deciding it would be quicker to get away on foot.

Police stopped him and put him in handcuffs. Now he sits in jail facing charges of eluding police.

Matthew Allen has been convicted once before of obstructing an officer and harassment back in the 1990s. He was awaiting trial on resisting arrest, and DUI.

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