Now that Spring is right around the corner, we can all start to grow our own vegetables. Our good friend and gardening guru Ciscoe Morris drops by to talk about how we can grow seasonal vegetables in a pot.

It's really fun to grow cool season veggies in a pot. You'll be amazed when your find out how many delicious veggies you can grow and how long you'll be able to harvest them in a container. Some good cool season veggies that grow well together include peas, oriental greens, mustards, parsley and spinach. Avoid adding onions, chives or garlic to a pot with lettuce in it. Lettuce and onions are not compatible and don't do well together. You can sow cool season crops from seed anytime soil temperatures remain steady above 40 degrees, or you can get a head start and harvest earlier if you buy starts available at most quality nurseries.

Plant starts or sow seed in quality potting soil, and work in a half-handful of organic vegetable food and a half-handful of bone meal before planting. If you are using new potting soil adding bone meal isn't necessary, but if you're using soil you grew something in before adding bone meal can help. Don't add bone meal if you have a dog that can get to your pot. The dog will dig in to try to get to the bone meal.

Sow seed barely under the soil, or allow about 6 inches between starts and Make sure the soil remains evenly moist at all times, especially if we experience warm weather. Shallow rooted newly planted starts often bolt and go to seed if they experience hot weather and there isn't adequate moisture available.

Prolong harvest by by picking individual leaves as they gain size and mature rather than harvesting the entire plant. Put some type of cool looking trellis in the pot to allow the peas to have something to climb on, and pick peas often before their seed mature to increase yield.

Enjoy lots of yummy salads from your cool season veggie pot!

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