Two former standouts on NBC's 'The Voice' are returning to their roots. Vicci Martinez and Austin Jenckes are both from Washington. The pair teamed up for a special concert Sunday night in Leavenworth.

Jenckes, who is from Duvall, made the top ten on season five of the hit show. Tacoma native Martinez, you may remember, came in third during the very first season.

While the show helped jump-start their careers, both know the real work is just beginning.

Now the work comes into play where I have to go be an artist and share what I do, said Jenckes. And knowing that people here in Washington have my back no matter what, it means everything.

That's why he and Martinez come back to their home state as much as they can, not just to see family and friends, but to perform.

It's so nice to come back here to play, said Martinez. When you come back and see those people that've been there from the beginning, you want to hug them even more, and just say thank you.

During a VIPmeet and greet with a few fans, both performers did just that.

They also thanked fans who braved snowy and icy roads to make the drive to Leavenworth. Despite the weather, the concert organized by Square Productions drew a crowd large enough for The Leavenworth Festhalle.

KING5 spoke to Jenckes and Martinez about what they've been working on in recent months.

Jenckes says he's currently touring the country, in fact, he drove from Montana to Leavenworth for Sunday's show. He's also written over 200 songs, and hopes to get other artists to record some of them in addition to those he'll do himself.

Right now I'm in this crazy place where I was on television singing other people's songs, he said. Now I'm out on the road with these guys in a van, driving around, singing my own songs, and trying to share what I do.

Martinez is hoping to record a live album and possibly another live DVD and wants to do so in either Seattle or Tacoma in time for a summer release.

She's been doing auditions in Los Angeles and singing back-up on other performer's projects. She also makes time to watch the current season of The Voice.

There was a duet that ended up going withAdam Levine on the first episode, and they actually opened for me inAustin, Texas, so that was really cool, to see them up there.

Both Jenckes and Martinez said it's too early to make any predictions as to who will come out on top in the current season, but say they'll be following along every step of the way.

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