The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) Executive Board has reversed an earlier ruling, and will allow the Rainier Beach boys basketball team to play in a national high school tournament should the Vikings win the state title.

Rainier Beach had been invited to play in the 2014 Dick's Sporting Goods High School National Tournament in April at Madison Square Garden in New York, if Beach wins the Washington 3A state title on March 8th. The tournament crowns what some consider is the national champion.

Initially, the WIAA turned down the invitation because many of the schools participating aren't schools involved in state associations.

After a conference call Wednesday afternoon between the school and the WIAA, Executive Director Mike Colbrese indicated the school's rationale for a waiver of WIAA rules convinced the Board to change its mind.

The Board realizes this will take the Association down a new path, Colbrese stated. A special committee has been formed to discuss the parameters for teams participating in events similar to this.

The three WIAA rules waived during the call were out-of-season rules involving the school and its coaches, authorized contests, and contest limitations.

Rainier Beach is currently 25-0, and is the top-ranked 3A team in the state.

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