A vigil was held on Wednesday for someone you probably don't know. But, you've seen many people like him on the streets of Seattle.

It was an ode to another lost soul.

It was just so cold out. We lost him, said a woman who walked past a small spray of flowers left to remember him.

Jeff Bouck's body was discovered on February 4 under the Ballard Bridge. The official cause of death is still pending, but vigil organizers believe he died of exposure during last week's cold snap.

Bouck grew up on Queen Anne, worked most of his adult life as a fisherman, but suffered an accident that left him unable to work.

He started selling Real Change newspapers outside of the Trader Joe's store on Queen Anne.

Some Trader Joe's workers and customers attended the vigil held in his honor.

He was a human being and just because he was homeless didn't mean he didn't have feelings and people that loved him. said Trader Joe's worker Mathew Vlasak.

By the end of the tribute, nearly 20 people lined up in the silent vigil urging others to speak out on the need for more shelter for the homeless.

Jeffrey Bouck was 48 years old.

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