Nutritionist Deborah Enos stops by to give some great tips on how to avoid stress eating.


Irritability, sweaty palms, body odor, headache, out of control appetite, food cravings, difficulty sleeping, bad posture, chronic fatigue, relationship problems, mood swings

In addition to stress eating, recent studies have found that people under stress had a 16% greater risk of getting a viral infection and a 20% increased risk for the common cold than those not under stress.

We all experience stress on daily basis, and sometimes you just know that stress is coming. For example, the super bowl. Here are my four simple tips to help you to stop or manage your stress eating:

1.EXERCISE! On the day of the super bowl, I made sure I exercised for about 20 minutes. It wasn t long, but it did help me by boosting my endorphins and taking the edge off of my stress.

2.KIND BARS: For me, these are the perfect combination of stress management foods It has a little bit of sweetness but only about 5 grams of sugar, it has a little bit of carbs to help calm you down and it has some nuts that will fill you up and hopefully keep you from grabbing more snacks.

3.NUTS OR SEEDS WITH A SMIDGEN OF DARK CHOCOLATE: A serving is one ounce, which is about the size of a shot glass. The protein and fat in the nuts can help boost your energy and keep you full for about 2 hours BUT, the chocolate will give your body a dose of what it s looking for (sugar) and small amounts can help you to manage your stress.

4.WATER: When you get stressed and you re dehydrated it can be a very ugly situation! When you get dehydrated, you will feel tired, grumpy, and you may have a hard time making decisions.

5.PEANUT BUTTER AND LOW SUGAR JELLYSandwich on Whole Grain Bread: You have protein here, a little fat and fiber. This snack can stay un-refrigerated for a few hours and still be safe. Also, the combination of protein and fat will keep you to manage or lower your stress by keeping you full and focused.

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