The 520 Bridge pile-driving is driving some people crazy. On top of the noise and vibrations, some Seattle residents are seeing home damage.

In Madison Park, along the waterfront, property owners are concerned about the pounding from the project.

The manager of the Canterbury Shores Condos says new cracks have developed on the top floors of the building. The Canterbury was built in 1967 on pilings.

We're more interested in the building movement. When pilings move you have big problems, said building manager Don Morgan.

The condo association has hired a team of structural engineers to access the problems.

Residents are also seeing cracks in the neighboring Edgewater apartments.

Adding to the seven installed before the project began in October, the Washington State Department of Transportation has installed two new instruments to measure vibrations in both buildings.

WSDOT's construction engineering manager, Dave Becher, says the pile-driving project is scheduled to end in April. At that point, they will look to repairs or compensation for valid damage claims.

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