NEWCASTLE-- For years, Elizabeth Widseth and her husband Dennis Yarnell would sit and watch their beloved SeattleSeahawks take on the NFL's best.

This season, the tradition continued. But Widseth was alone.

Imiss him a lot, explained Widseth, But for some reason, he was taken from us. Who knows why.

Widseth and Yarnell owned a Newcastle gas station together, fulfilling his lifelong dream. Often, they would service the cars of Seahawks players, on their way to the team's practice facility in Renton.

Yarnell died in a car accident last February.

You can't replace a guy like him, she said, He was an inspiration. Istill look up to him for answers.

Since her husband's death, Widseth has continued going to Seahawks games. She still has his 12th Man jersey and the plastic pouch he would keep his tickets in.

Thursday, she got her tickets for the Super Bowl, which happens to fall on the first anniversary of Yarnell's death.

Iremember whenIfound out the Super Bowl was February 2nd. Isaid, 'This is going to be a magical season,' she recalled, 'Dennis is going to make this happen and I'm going to go to the Super Bowl.'

She acknowledged the trip to New York will be bittersweet. However, she said, the best place to remember her husband is to be in the place both of them wanted to badly to be.

Ithink he's happy I'm doing so well and kept everything going for him, said Widseth, He would've wanted me to do this. I know he would have.

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