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The Super Bowl is over and you know the Seattle Seahawks are already thinking to next season. It comes quicker than you think.

We already know who the Seahawks will face and where. It s pre-determined years in advance based on a formula developed by the NFL.

As always, the Seahawks will face their NFC West rivals twice including the San Francisco 49ers.

The NFC West takes on all the teams in the AFC West and NFC East. That means a Super Bowl rematch with the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field. It also means a trip to Arrowhead Stadium to face the Kansas City Chiefs.Arrowhead is known to rival CenturyLink when it comes to crowd noise.

The Seahawks will host the Green Bay Packers for the first time since the so-called Fail Mary Monday Night Football clash in 2012.

Here is a look at the opponents the Seahawks will face in 2014. The dates and times will be announced later this year.

  • Arizona Cardinals (Home and Away)
  • San Francisco 49ers (Home and Away)
  • St. Louis Rams (Home and Away)
  • Denver Broncos (Home)
  • Green Bay Packers (Home)
  • Dallas Cowboys (Home)
  • New York Giants (Home)
  • Oakland Raiders (Home)
  • Carolina Panthers (Away)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (Away)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (Away)
  • San Diego Chargers (Away)
  • Washington Redskins (Away)
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