The last time the Seattle Seahawks played in MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, they shutout Eli Manning and the New York Giants 23-0.

They were wearing white tops and blue pants. They ll do the same on Feb. 2 when they hope to corral Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Seahawks are 2-0 this season in that uniform combination and, as everyone knows, fashion wins football games.

The Seahawks only wore that combination once last season and lost to the Detroit Lions.

For those who are superstitious about uniforms, be glad Seattle didn t pick white jerseys and the wolf gray pants. The Seahawks are 0-3 with those.

The Broncos will wear their orange home jerseys. They had the first option because the AFC is the designated home team in even-numbered Super Bowls.

The Seahawks wore all blue when they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL in 2006. Normally, they would have worn white since the NFC was the designated road team that year. But, the Steelers chose to wear their road whites instead because they had gone 3-0 on the road in the playoffs.

Here s a breakdown of how the Seahawks have done the past two regular seasons with different uniform looks.

  • Blue Jersey / Blue Pants: 15-1
  • Gray Jersey / Gray Pants: 3-0
  • White Jersey / Blue Pants: 2-1
  • Blue Jersey / Gray Pants: 2-1
  • White Jersey / White Pants: 2-2
  • White Jersey / Gray Pants: 0-3

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