The biggest New Orleans Saints fan west of the Mississippi may be living in SeaTac.

Alice Cuchinotto can hardly contain her excitement for the team while offering a tour of her home, filled with Saints memorabilia and team logos.

She still owns season tickets, but only goes to games every other year.

These are all of my favorite things! she said with her thick Louisiana accent. The sense of southern hospitality still comes through, all the way in the Pacific Northwest.

I had a whole lot more, but (Hurricane) Katrina just wiped me out, she said.

Before the storm made landfall back in 2005, Cuchinotto was forced to evacuate her native city, only to return days later to find her dream home was flooded and mold had already begun growing on the walls.

I got a few pieces, but mostly everything was just bulldozed down to the slab, she said.

A friend convinced her to move west, where she began a new life with nothing more than her two dogs and a trunk full of belongings.

I'm here and I love it! she said.

She now works as a bookkeeper at Our Lady of Mount Virgin in South Seattle. She says it s a way to reconnect with her faith that never wavered despite the storm that wiped her out.

As a Saints fan in Seattle, she knows she is outnumbered, but admits she's always liked the Seahawks.

I tell my friends I root for the team with an 'S', she says. In a weird way, I feel like Seattle chose me.

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