David Williams is a Seahawks fan who got shut down at the end zone.

I was pretty sure they were going to go to the playoffs this year, so I was waiting for my one game of the year, for the playoff game, said Williams.

David was one of thousands of fans trying to buy tickets online from Ticketmaster last week for Saturday's playoff game against the Saints.

It said they weren't available when I was on at 9:30 a.m. so I just left the web page on and as soon as 10 a.m. hit, the website changed automatically and it said they were available, explained Williams.

Williams hit the computer just like Marshawn Lynch crashes into linebackers. But after 20 minutes he gave up.

It said there is no tickets available, said Williams. I was a little angry.

David couldn't get the Skittles. So is there a way you can cut into a virtual line to get tickets? Chris O Brien, who co-owns Tickpick, a New York company in the secondary ticket sales market, said there s an easier way. All you need is your smartphone or tablet.

One of the big things that we say is that, going through and using the mobile application is probably the quickest way to go through and purchase those tickets, explained O Brien.

Ticketmaster uses CAPTCHA for online sales. It s that annoying program that requires you to type words into a box. It prevents malicious ticket buying programs called BOTs from hoarding tickets.
Computer users are required to go through CAPTCHA. But if you have the mobile app, you can skip a step.

Another trick is to make sure you sign up for push notifications. This gives Ticketmaster access to your phone and account and may get you in line even faster.

Bottom line, the Seahawks won't tell me how many seats are available, so your chances are pretty slim. But as it was said in the movie Dumb and Dumber, So you re saying I have a chance!

Yes you do, Seattle - yes you do!

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