DES MOINES, Wash. -- Help is on the way for students applying for college.

College Goal Washington is putting together 77 free workshops in January and February at high schools and community colleges across Washington. Financial aid professionals will answer questions and walk students and parents through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Full list of workshops

This is the perfect opportunity to ask someone who actually processes financial aid at universities and colleges. Great opportunity if you're feeling daunted by this form, said Anna Batie with College Goal Washington.

Batie says anyone can apply and that 85 percent of first time undergraduates are on some type of federal financial aid

Students and parents should both bring their social security cards, income plus savings and checking account information to the workshops.

Batie says she often sees simple mistakes that can set you back in the application process. Those mistakes include putting a name on the FAFSA application that doesn t match name on the social security card, or failing to follow instructions for the proper number under household size. Batie says if parents are supporting another college student, that student should be included in the household size.

Experts recommend completing and filing the FAFSA application by January and you can always update your tax and income information in February and March. Students should find out their results in April.

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