TACOMA, Wash. -- It was 5th period on October 29th. Dan Reddin was about to teach an algebra class at Tacoma's Wilson High School when her heard a sound. 14-year-old Loki Boparai had collapsed.

It looked like he was dying. I just needed to do something, said Reddin.

He started CPR. Soon, two nearby police officers stepped in and an ambulance arrived. When Boparai left the the school, his pulse was faint.

That's when I got depressed, said Reddin, Ireally didn't think he was going to survive.

But miraculously, Boparai is alive and just got home from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Monday night Reddin and the two officers were honored for their actions by the Tacoma School Board.

Ibelieve if Loki would've been walking home when it happened and no one was around, he'd be dead, said Reddin.

As the school board thanked the trip, Boparai rested in his parent's Tacoma apartment. Doctors told him only 5 percent of those who had his condition survive. A machine was put in his body to regulate his heart.

Idon't remember anything from that day, said Boparai, My heartbeat went too high and there was blood in my lungs. Icouldn't breathe.

If Icouldn't breathe for two more minutes or maybe less...yeah, he continued, acknowledging his brush with death.

Reddin said when he calls attendance for 5th period, he still calls Boparai's name. While he would like to see the student he helped save, he has loftier goals as well.

Better yet, he said, It'd be nice to have that seat filled again with him there.

Boparai's parents said Loki should be back at school next semester.

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