SEATTLE - New election numbers released Friday night show SeaTac's measure for a $15 minimum wage passing by a mere 43 votes.

King County election results show SeaTac Proposition 1 yes votes leading with 50.56% at 2,544 to no votes at 49.44% and 2,501 votes.

In the costly initiative campaign, which has drawn attention from across the nation, the two sides spent a combined $1.8 million -- enough money to hire every registered voter in the city for a day at $15 per hour.

The proposal would require a $15 minimum wage for many workers in and around Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It follows a series of rallies in which fast food workers and others around the country called attention to their struggle to earn a living.

Groups outside of Washington state will be watching the results. National labor unions have contributed to support the effort while national business organizations have contributed in opposition.

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